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Harbor's clients benefit from HI's unique educational programming for several reasons. First, the customer receives a customized experience that positively and directly addresses the issues and concerns that are unique to the students on that specific campus (both short term and long term solutions). These customized experiences are developed by a passionate program development team that shares a broad array of personal and professional experiences/insights. Additionally, the presentation methods are always engaging and innovative and constantly interact with the audience to keep them involved and interested throughout their experience (whether through products or services). Finally, the Harbor team, whether it's the staff or presenters always maintain a passionate and professional spirit with a phenomenal attitude and energy that resonates into excellent customer service that over delivers for our clients.


1 Keynote Address (speaking):
One topic, 20-30 minutes, no PowerPoint presentation, semi-formal or formal, unlimited participants



2 Brown Bag Series (speaking):
Only available during lunch, Monday-Friday, one topic, 30-60 minutes, no PowerPoint presentation, casual, students bring their own lunch, unlimited participants



3 Workshop/Lecture (speaking):
One topic, 40-50 minutes, PowerPoint presentation, unlimited participants (Also see Miseducation Xperience!)



4 Executive Training (training):
½ day (1-2 topics), or full day (2-3 topics), 1-2 trainers, customized PowerPoint, team building and workbooks, maximum 30 participants



5 Innovative Consulting (consulting):
½ day or full day, 1-4 consultants, available for student organizations and college/university administration, unlimited participants



6 Empowerment Series (speaking & training):
3-6 topics, up to two days, 2-3 speakers/trainers, customized PowerPoint presentations, interactive and team building exercises, customized student workbooks, 50-150 participants



7 Academy (speaking, training, and consulting):
6-9 topics, 3 weekends, from 2 days to on entire week, 3 speakers/trainers, customized PowerPoint presentations, interactive exercises, team building, student workbooks, organization and administration consulting, 150 plus participants


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