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Harbor Institute

Established in March 2005, the college/university division primarily focuses on three major areas: cultural empowerment, leadership, and retention/graduation for minority students. HI addresses these areas through services that consist of: campus wide programs (lectures/workshops), training and development (retreats), conferences (hosted by Harbor) and curriculum development (licensing) and consulting/assessment (administration). Harbor collaborates with students and University administrators to customize our educational products services to meet the specific needs of the campus community and the organization’s/institution’s overall objectives.

Cultural Empowerment Leadership Development Retention and Graduation for Minority Students
  • Black, Latino and Asian Greek Letter Organizations
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Heritage Month Programs
  • African-American Male/Female Development
  • Student Organization leadership training
  • Image & Marketing
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Organizational management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Freshman Orientation
  • First-Year Experience


"I want to first thank you so much for visiting UT! More than you know we desperately needed that presentation! Your story has inspired me, and I am absolutely positive of what I want to do concerning these topics."
University of Tampa student (Tampa, FL)

"It was really refreshing to hear from someone that understands the situation; but also has suggestions and recommendations on how to move forward."
Graduate Chapter Sorority Advisor

"I really wanted to personally Thank You for really being an inspiration to me... Much knowledge was taken from what you taught. I really appreciate your time for coming to the convention..."
Wayne State University student (Detroit, MI)

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